Upgrade Time!!!

Upgrade Time!!! Introducing our new and improved Elektron Quattro Plotter/Cutter

The past couple of days we’ve had the team from Aeronaut Automation upgrading our plotter/cutter system, including replacement of our main Elektron Quattro machine.

Our aim at Kotzur Kanvas is to not only keep up with our current work load, but to exceed expectations and be on the forefront of our industry. This latest major investment certainly shows we’re keen to uphold our mission.

The plotter/cutter machine is used in all facets of our business – shade sails, blinds, heavy vehicle projects and marine work; just to highlight a few. It is critical we stay abreast of equipment maintenance and technological upgrades.

We proudly introduce our new and improved manufacturing department consisting of:

  • A complete new plotter/cutter that has been retrofitted to our existing 14m vacuum sealed flatbed table boasting better than ever speed and precision. Featuring:
    1. Three steered tool mechanisms for multiple applications and materials with the one machine.
    2. Cam-lock quick-change tooling for rapid and accurate tool changes, meaning less down time between projects.
    3. 20mm tool travel, handles uneven table surfaces and maintains accuracy
  • All housed in a light and extremely stiff chassis for a dynamic performance over the length and span of 14m flatbed table.
  • Replacement our Apple IMac hardware and software upgrades
  • And most importantly, comprehensive training from the experts at Aeronaut Automation to ensure we’re up to date with the latest and best industry practices.

All this technical mumbo jumbo may sound impressive, but what does it actually mean for you – Our Client? Faster production timeframes, improved accuracy and overall quality of our manufacturing (I mean, we were pretty great to start off with but there’s always improvement!)

Check out the video below for a snippet of this latest upgrade.

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