Rollovers & Retractables

Kotzur Kanvas has been providing high quality rollover and retractable tarps to the heavy transport industry for many years. We only use the highest quality materials which allows us to manufacture a custom made tarp, but also one that is going to last! We only use the highest grande materials for all of our products and services.

A unique feature of all our work is that were possible, joins are welded together rather than sewn resulting in a stronger, more professional finish that is design to protect your precious cargo. Other products we can offer are canvas and mesh tarps, and well as screen printing for advertising and branding.

At Kotzur Kanvas, we understand that the operations of your business are critical, and downtown must always be kept to a minimum. Our team is quick, and efficient so that you and your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.  


Rollover & Retractable Tarp Repairs

Kotzur Kanvas can also complete repairs to your existing tarps and rollovers with our large range of high quality sewing machines and welders. This includes all rollovers and retractables, plus canvas tarps and side curtains. Give us a call on (02) 6925 7805 today to book in your repair today!

Available PVC Colours:

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