Truck Side Curtains & Covers

Kotzur Kanvas has been providing high quality side curtains to the heavy road transport vehicles of Australia for many years. All of our curtains are custom made to your specifications and cut on our computer aided plotting machine.

We only use the highest grade materials in all our products. we offer 900gsm PVC Side Curtains as well as 2PAK Protective Coated for a more durable and weather protected product. We can also arrange digital printing and image branding - taking advantage of high exposure advertising for your business.

At Kotzur Kanvas, we understand that the operations of your business are critical, and downtown must always be kept to a minimum. Our team is quick, and efficient so that you and your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.


Side Curtain Repairs

Our team understands that damage to your truck curtain can be a serious problem not only for safety reasons, but for valuable downtime for your business operations. The Kotzur Kanvas team are absolutely dedicated to fixing them.

What's more, we make sure that our repairs are as discreet, where possible completing all work on the inside of the curtains. This means that graphics and signwriting are restored as closely as possible to their original condition.

From minor wear and tear marks to roller replacement and straps - we've got you covered and back on the road as quickly as possible. Give our office a call on (02) 6925 7805 to book in your repair!

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